When my cousin visited from overseas earlier this year, I was recruited into taking her around Sydney and playing tour guide for her. While I’m knowledgeable about the various tourist spots in the city and can give a spiel about the history of most locations, when it came time to visit the beaches I had nothing really to offer, I’m just as much a tourist there as my cousin is.

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Blog Update

  • Blog Theme

A few days ago, I was thinking about fixing up this blog a bit more. There were a few niggling issues that I had with the blog that were starting to get on my nerves that were mostly brought about because I was using a “business” theme as a base. There was just something a little inorganic and inflexible about it, but that was probably something only I noticed.

So in my annoyance, I started looking into whether WordPress was really still for me. I’ve generally just used pre-made WordPress themes with a little bit of tweaking in the past, but a lot of the themes that I’m finding nowadays aren’t ideal for tweaking or are portfolio/business type themes that aren’t ideal for blogging (I like my blog to look like a blog). I was even going as far as looking into perhaps switching over to a static website blog like Jekyll, which a few of my friends run.

But I realised that because of my half-assed attempts at customising themes, I never really got to use the full power of WordPress platform. So I decided to not be lazy and configure the Twenty Sixteen theme to suit my tastes a little more, and that’s how we ended up here. Meet the new theme, pretty much the same as the old theme, but with a bit more polish and a bit more functionality. It is a bit clinical right now, but I’m hoping that photos in the content make up for that. I also have the option to make the sidebar more colourful or add a banner image (which can be rotating banner, and for those who remember the good old anime@uts website, I do love me a rotating banner).

  • Categories

With this update, I’m also overhauling the Categories on the blog. It’s gotten into a bit of a mess because every time I write a long post about Photography, it falls into both Writing and Photography. Or when I write a long review of a book, it falls under Writing and Reading. Or when I write about Kpop, Music and Writing. Basically everything on this blog is Writing. So I’ve overhauled all of that so that Categories revolve around broad topics, but I’m still trying to figure out how to distinguish essay posts (which have more effort put into the writing) from regular posts. Any suggestions on how to handle that would be appreciated.

I did my best to look over everything, but please tell me if anything is broken.

New Romantics @ MCA

Seen: New Romance: art and the posthuman, Museum of Contemporary Art, 30 June – Sep 4.

As part of my semi-regular weekend photowalks, I passed by the Museum of Contemporary in Circular Quay to see their new exhibition, New Romance: art and the posthuman, which is an exhibition featuring both Australian and Korean artists with a bit of a sci-fi slant. While I’m always a sucker for Asian art these days, I was also a really big sci-fi nerd in the past, so this exhibit was really up my alley.

Spanning across the two rooms on the ground floor of the MCA, the exhibit featured pieces that examined transhumanism, new forms of life, and the role of art and culture in a future society. My particular favourites were the collages done in a Joseon era painting style, mixing the classic style with modern images of commercialism in the form barbie dolls and kpop stars, and the trash robots, made up of discarded newspaper and broken umbrellas representing new forms of life evolving in urban environments. There were a few ones that were a little more out there though, like the containment sphere filled with biomaterial taken from the artists via liposuction, or the realistic models of humans crossed with animal to create mounds of flesh, but that kind of transhumanism has always weirded me out a little too much.

It’s worth taking a visit to see the exhibition if you have some spare time, and if you pair it with the MCA’s other exhibition, Telling Tales, it makes for an interesting morning or afternoon in the city.

In a Relentless Rain… @ Wedge Gallery

Seen: in a relentless rain, in an inescapable river by Johanna Ng @ Wedge Gallery/Kinokuniya, 20 June – 2 August

I was meant to post about this earlier, but I forgot to take photos on my phone and I think I may have accidentally destroyed the roll of film I used to take photos for this, but whatever.

My friend Joey had her new exhibition at the Wedge Gallery @ Kinokuniya over the last couple of weeks (it’s the little gallery you can see from the escalators/Ichiban Boshi). In what’s becoming her usual style of line drawings, she’s filled the gallery with these tall pieces reminiscent of calligraphy and old Chinese ink paintings. Interspersed between the paintings are her intimate colour photos of every day life, printed on a pearlescent paper giving off subtle metallic sheen.

Having followed her art for the last few years, its nice to see her progress as an artist. She uses the gallery space really well, with the paintings running from ceiling to floor, inviting you to see the various forms created out of the brush strokes, and while the photos and the paintings may seem to clash in their format, they feel like they come from the same space within the artist and the whole exhibit feels very consistent.

She also put out a photobook along with the exhibit that I may talk about another time.